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Adventures in Germany – Day 62 (Visiting the Temple)

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day today! This was a special day because I had the opportunity to visit the Frankfurt Temple for the first time and I met some cool friends along the way! I had to leave my house pretty early since I needed to make it to the temple by 11:30 and the trip took about four hours.

A nice sunrise!

Also since it was my first time going I was a little worried that I would get lost in some leg of the journey and not be able to make it in time.

One example of how the Lord helped me was when there were two trains with very similar names that arrived at about the same time. I went into the first one and saw a word that was on my itinerary so I thought it might be the correct train, but then I felt uneasy and I looked at the monitor in the train to see the route. None of the names of the places on the route matched where I needed to go, so I got off just as the doors were about to lock and the train was about to pull out. There were even red lights that flashed since I was in the doorway as the train was getting ready to leave. I checked the other train that was actually on a different platform than what my app said my train would be on, but it turned out to be the correct train. Once the train was moving my app refreshed and said the train had indeed swapped tracks for today. The Holy Ghost knew more than my app did and that was awesome!

As you can see, I was kind of frustrated that I had missed one of the trains… This is where the train mixup was.
But I made it on the next one! This was when I got off a train and onto a bus with only 4 minutes to transition. I had no idea where the bus stop was, but with the Lord‘s help and asking for directions I got on the right bus just as it was about to leave!

On another train there was very limited seating room so I ended up sitting in front of one of the bathrooms they have aboard the train. It was a blessing because I was able to help people open the door to the bathroom because for some reason everyone seemed to be struggling with it. I was able to start a conversation with one of the people who were waiting to go to the restroom. The young lady I met is named Linmei and she is super cool! When I explained where I was from and that I was learning German, she took the time to practice with me and stayed sitting next to me for a good while sharing her experiences and helping me with my German. I have been able to since stay in touch with her! She is an impressive young woman and is working on her doctorate in Agriculture! She even taught me about some of the history of John Deere!

My friend Linmei and I!

These experiences meeting people have been so wonderful! A few days ago I also met a kind young woman named Jules who was moving to Trier and it was great because we started a conversation at the train stop and we continued talking on the train. I think I have said many times that I find it difficult talking to people in Germany, but I have been blessed to find really kind people along the way.

After the long journey, a missed train, and some sprinting, I made it to the temple! There was even a street sign to lead the way!

Being in the temple was a lovely experience and I was reminded of our Heavenly Father’s love for us and how much we are blessed by Him! We have the privilege of striving to follow Him and love Him! While at the temple I got to see Brother and Sister Kraut and some other missionary friends of theirs!

Brother and Sister Kraut are at the far left of the photo.

I even got to help someone take some pictures in front of the temple. I couldn’t stay for long, however, because I had to hurry and catch my ride back! It was a very special day and I made it home safely!

A cool tunnel!
When I got to the Frankfurt Train Station that was a whole different experience! It was huge with an underground subway and two escalators. The Lord helped me there too and I was able to find my way to the correct train! I also met some friends from Tunisia (At least I think it was Tunisia, I know it started with a T) who were also very kind. They were all software developers and they shared some chocolate with me!

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