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Tenth Sunday on the Mosel

Bom dia para todos! I hope your day has gotten off to a good start! This day was a special Sunday because we had the opportunity to testify of Christ at church in both Spanish and German. There were three families present at church that spoke Spanish and my friend who translates the meeting into English was not there, so instead of translating the meeting into Spanish for one of the families I bore my testimony in Spanish and hoped this would encourage other Spanish speakers to bear their testimonies in Spanish also. The Lord heard my prayer and three others bore their testimonies in Spanish and the Spirit was strong during the meeting.

Waiting at the bus stop!

It was nice to ride up to church with Jackson, and we met the missionaries along the way. I was given the opportunity to talk to a lady from Brazil on the bus and share a little about how we all can help each other grow closer to the Savior. She appreciated my words and was a little interested about the church.

During second hour I was able to translate the meeting into Spanish for a girl named Carla who was visiting. She is originally from Venezuela but recently lived in Spain. Every Sunday I am amazed by how the Lord provides the means for His words to reach all of His children in every language they speak! We learned about recognizing the guidance we receive from the Holy Ghost and listened to each other’s experiences about when they had seen the Holy Ghost guiding them in their lives.

After church, Arvin Michael, and I came to visit Bjorn and Camila along with Brother and Sister Kraut. We were treated to a delicious meal and had fun conversations about food from around the world and different experiences! It was very lovely and enjoyable!

Left to Right: Camila, Sister Kraut, Brother Kraut, Arvin, Jackson, me, Björn.
Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Beans and Coconut Rice!
We also enjoyed delicious lemonade!
Brother Björn made some virgin Piña Coladas!
We enjoyed a snack from Italy!

We all made it back home safely afterwards, and I was even able to connect to some friends from Utah while on the bus heading towards the train station.

We got to ride in a convertible on the way back!

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