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Adventures in Germany – Days 66 bis 69 (Cooking Time)

Hello everyone, I hope your day has been wonderfull today! These past few days have been fun here in Germany! My friend Jackson arrived safely on Wednesday and I think he got settled in alright! We did some grocery shopping and saw a little bit of the city.

That first night I was able to cook some lentils and rice to share and it was very fun! It was great because he is not picky when it comes to foods and we both agree that we are not fans of eggplants.

On Friday I made some of my famous Feijoada that I learned how to make from my friend Lahis in Brasil and then on Saturday Jackson made some amazing pasta using some techniques that he learned in Italy!

Also on Friday we had the opportunity to skateboard/ scooter to Cochem. It was nice to feel the breeze and dodge bikers. We saw some intimidating ducks and a sign to beware the wasps. Then we had some fruit Ice (sorbet)! Mine was mango and maracuja (Soooo Delicious!).

Also on Friday I visited my friends from El Salvador (Carlos and Varinia) that I met here recently! They have two cute kids and I got to share some beans with them! They enjoyed them, especially since beans are so difficult to find here. Jackson and I also got to see a fireworks display on Friday which was spectacular!

These streets were more festive because of the wine fest that happened this weekend!

I was talking to my friend Arvin recently about my desire to learn how to receive more revelation from Heavenly Father, and his comment was insightful. What I understood was why should I ask to receive more revelation when my Father in Heaven is constantly outpouring revelation and guidance. What I need to do is ask for help in being able to recognize and follow the revelation I am already being given. Also during these past few days I have been strengthened when I try to remember the blessings I have received throughout the day in the moments I feel like my day was unproductive. I have also been strengthened in my studies and in my work as I have listened to hymns as I work and have tried to pray whenever I feel distracted or worn out. I know our Heavenly Father and Savior love us, and we can turn to them for help and count on them!

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