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Adventures in Germany – Day 75 (Broken Skates)

Hello everyone, today was a special adventure here in Germany because I had the opportunity to visit my friends from Brasil who live here. On the way to their house, I ran in to Giselle’s sister on the bus and we had a pleasant conversation.

Then I had the opportunity to play some games with Icaro and I went roller skating with Icaro and Gleybson. We said a prayer first before I tried to get up and moving, and I was protected from hurting myself even though I ended up breaking one of the roller skates while I was using it!

I appreciated that instead of getting upset, Gleybson took a moment to think how my breaking the skate could have been a blessing. He told me that it was better that I had broken it while going slow than for it to have broken while he was trying a trick or going very fast. He also said a good way to look at a situation when it does not go our way is to think of it as, “livramento,” (being saved/ protected from something). I think this is true because our Heavenly Father is constantly watching over us and He loves us. Every day is a new opportunity to get to know our Heavenly Father better and learn to follow His spirit. After skating we played some soccer and enjoyed some spaghetti that Gisellle made and I got to meet Giselle’s daughter who was getting home from work.

Left to Right: Gisselle’s daughter, Giselle, Gleybson, Icaro, me.

It was nice to eat with their family and laugh with them. The journey had been a little long, but it had been very worth it! I then made my way back home safely!

I got to drink this cool Guava drink!
I walked home from Cochem because the trains were being canceled and one was delayed by an hour because of trespassers.

2 responses to “Adventures in Germany – Day 75 (Broken Skates)”

  1. What a wonderful lesson and thought to learn from the broken skate. I am glad neither of you were injured by it. Thank you again for sharing your adventures.

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    1. Thank you for reading and I am glad you enjoy the posts! Yes, it was a blessing that nobody was injured! After a certain tennis game I played where a friend of mine got hurt, I make it a point to pray before all sports/ physical activities.


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