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Adventures in Germany – Day 76 (Pizza Chat)

Today was a calm day in Germany, and I had a cool experience when I went to get some pizza at night at Giovanni’s. I was sitting in the pizzaria and when I received my order, Giovanni told me about the importance of prayer and shared with me in Italien how he prays in the morning, over his meals, and at night. Although I don’t understand Italien very well, I think he sort of said blessed be Jesus and that prayer was the way of the Evangelist. It was nice to see him excited about the Savior and since he knows I have faith in Jesus Christ, he feels comfortable with talking about Jesus with me.

It’s nice having a pizza parlor next door!

It is a blessing to be able to have a Savior that we can look to for help and that we have a Father in Heaven that we can pray to at every moment. I was reading recently about the efforts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to help advocate religious freedom, and I am grateful there is an effort to protect that sacred freedom. My life has greater purpose and joy because of the hope I have in the Savior Jesus Christ!

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