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Twelfth Sunday on the Mosel (The last Sunday for now…)

I made it back safely to the United States, but I have a few adventures that I did not share yet from my last days in Germany. I hope you are all having a wonderful day today!

It was a blessing to be able to say some goodbyes to my newfound friends in Koblenz. On my way to church I arrived a little late because one of my trains was delayed, but it gave me the opportunity to meet a young woman who was visiting her aunt that had come back from a hiking trip. We had a nice chat on the bus and then I got off at my stop. It was an especially cool Sunday because there were four families (10 people or so) that were Spanish speakers and during Sunday School I had the opportunity to translate for them from English into Spanish. Björn was kind enough to translate from German into English for me and together we were able to help these families hear the words of Christ in Spanish! It was a wonderful experience and brought me a lot of joy!

Jorge and I!

I also had the opportunity to eat with Brother and Sister Lange after church. They were very kind and Brother Lange shared his love for music by playing songs from different acapella groups that he enjoys. Afterwards I made it home safely and prepared for my last few days in Germany.

Some delicious Lachse!

In church we learned a little about finding Christ in the Psalms, like how the Savior is our pavilion and our light. It was interesting to reflect on the different ways the Savior blesses and strengthens us in our lives. He is the sure source of peace in this world, and He will teach us all that we need to know to have complete joy in this life and in the life to come. Whether we speak English, German, Spanish, or any other language, our Heavenly Father hears our prayers, and He is ready to bless us as we follow His Son Jesus Christ.

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