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Adventures in Germany – Days 85 bis 89 (The Journey Back Home)

Hello friends, I hope you have a wonderful day if you choose to, you don’t have to, but if you want to, I’m all for you having a wonderful day today! This morning I met a kind girl named Emma and she reminded me of this important principle that we can choose to have a good day or not, and that is a great blessing!

However, I wish to share the last few experiences that I had in Germany that I hope can uplift you and bring you a few laughs. The last couple of days were a bit hectic trying to get my things packed and get everything ready so I could return home safely. Heide was a big help to make everything happen and the guests we had during the week were also very kind. On the Wednesday before I had to head out, I tried to help Heide with her pool but although I had good intentions, I was not able to decipher the schematics and instructions in German to feel confident that I would not break her pool filter. We had a good time though putting our heads together and trying to figure things out. I then had the opportunity to enjoy one last Abendbrot with Heide and we called it a night. We did have a great conversation about the scriptures and God which was fun! I am amazed how the Lord helped me understand what Heide was sharing and be able to share about the scriptures back to her in German. It was a miracle!

That Wednesday night I was supposed to put out one of the trashcans because the city would come the next morning to pick up the plastics. When I came back home it slipped my mind while I was talking to a friend from Brazil, and that led to the next miracle.

I awoke at 7:15 AM, and the first thought that came to my mind was, “I forgot to put out the trashcan.” I threw on my shoes and raced down the stairs hoping the city had gotten behind schedule, but when I lifted the lid on one of the trash cans out on the street it was empty. “Mann, what was Heide going to say,” I thought, but then I heard the sound of a garbage truck, and after running towards the sound for a bit I saw that it was indeed a garbage truck. I sprinted to one of the workers and explained I had forgotten to put out one of my trashcans and asked if I could still bring it to him. He said I could, but that he wouldn’t drive back to pick it up. With that I did a 180 and made my way back to my apartment. I had to lower the trashcan down a flight of stairs before I could get it out the door, but I did it as quickly and gracefully as possible. Then I sprinted back toting the blue and yellow garbage can behind me. To my delight, I made it just as they were about to pull out from where they had been collecting trash and I was able to get my trashcan emptied! It was a miracle!

I’m going to miss this little laundry room!

Later that day Heide helped me get my apartment cleaned and I made my way toward Camila and Björn’s house! It just so happened that the train I caught heading towards Koblenz was the exact same train my friends Carlos and Michelle got on. They are the family from El Salvador that I met and I was grateful for the blessing of meeting them again because I had not had the opportunity to take a picture with them.

This person took parking to a whole new level!
Carlos, Michelle, and I

I made it safely to Camila and Björn’s house and I enjoyed a wonderful evening with them. We had Jägerschnitzel which was divine! It was sooooo goooood! It was also just fun talking to Camila and Björn and spending time with them.

A view of the countryside from the bus.
A work of Art!
Camila, Björn and I

The next morning, they took me to the airport, and we made it there safely and with plenty of time. I got through the lines and security in less than an hour and there were many airport workers that were kind to me and helped direct me to the correct lines and where I should go. My bag only weighed 45 lbs so I was also blessed in that regard.

Waiting at the Frankfurt Airport

My flight of 8.5 hours also went well from Frankfurt to New York. I was able to try some New York Pizza which was fun! The whole time I was hoping Spider-Man would show up at some point, but I guess he was busy on official hero business! My flight to Austin also went well and I made it back safely to Texas.

“In every multiverse New York has pizza” – Miles Morales

This last picture reminded me of another cool experience I had. While I was waiting for my flight to Texas, the gates had changed without my knowing, but a kind lady named Leonice came over to where I was seated and asked me if I was also getting on the flight headed to Austin. With her help I discovered the gate had changed and we were also able to help another lady get to the correct gate in time to catch the flight. I also discovered Leonice was from São Paulo and that made it even clearer for me that her help had been a tender mercy of the Lord. All in all, the Lord was with me throughout my trip and He saw me safely home.

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