Drops of oil

Become a little better one drop at a time…

First Sunday at the (F)LISR

The day began with my friend Jefferson picking me up from the airport and being greeted by old friends once I arrived. Jarom was getting the apartment straightened up and he kindly helped me to make my bed enough to sleep for a few hours so I could have energy for church!

I awoke a few hours later to familiar faces and it felt as if I had not left from when I was at the FLSR the year before. During church we had the opportunity to talk about how we can come unto Christ and we looked for what we could learn from Christ’s example as He honored and connected with His Heavenly Father. Many insights were shared about how Christ was humble towards His Father’s will and took time to be with God. It was a very nice discussion.

I also switched roommates and my roommate for this semester is from Norway and speaks 8 languages; he is pretty cool!

Matias and I

Recently in the scriptures I have been reading in Isaiah with my family and today the passages in Isaiah hit home. I was feeling a little tired and frustrated and I read this in the Come, Follow Me manual, “Jesus Christ frees us not by just opening the prison but by taking our place there. He relieves us from our chains of grief and sorrow by bearing them Himself.” I also liked the reminder that our Savior is the Prince of Peace and that through Him we can overcome contention and also help others to come unto Christ. Isaiah often talks about the Lord’s might and that He will protect us from our adversaries and often I would imagine the Lord challenging those that would do us harm. Today, as I read these verses however, I thought about how we need not be adversaries one with another if Christ be with us because He can change our hearts and the hearts of our adversaries and help us find peace in Him. Today during a devotional at BYU the professor who spoke shared about the power of Christ’s atonement and invited us to build a good relationship with our Savior which is another way of saying learning to trust in Him. We can turn first to our Savior in our times of need and He will help us and strengthen us!

The devotional!

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