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Adventures as a Junior – Days 2-7 (Familiar Faces)

Kung Foo Panda!

The first few days back at BYU were a bit hectic for me. I made a plan for how I would balance work and school, but I quickly learned that I would need to make some adjustments. Originally, I thought I would be working with research as well as taking my classes, but although research was exciting and new, I had too little time for all of my readings and homework assignments. So, after some prayer and receiving some counsel, I lightened my workload and readjusted my expectations. I was delighted to discover that I had time to read my textbook for the first time in a long time, and it was refreshing to feel better prepared for my lectures. I still haven’t found the perfect balance between school and my other responsibilities, but I feel like I have definitely improved.

At the research lab πŸ§ͺ!

Some other blessings throughout the week were finding many friends at school and catching up with them. In the first few days I ran into my friends Sterling and Jefferson and a sister who served in my hometown in Texas. It was nice to see everyone again and be able to connect with them!

Jefferson and I
Sterling and I
Sister Petersen and I!

I also had the opportunity to get settled in, enjoy some time with my roommates, and visit the temple! It was an amazing week and full of blessings!

A cool spider πŸ•·!
Participating at the Chemical Engineering opening social!
I got some pears from my friend Hannah
Eating out at Red Robins
Eric enjoying his Impossible Burger πŸ”

Jumping to today, this weekend is General Conference, and for those who have never heard of General Conference before, this is a special event that happens twice a year where everyone around the world has an opportunity to hear servants of God speak and share their witness of the Savior. Listening to the speeches in and of itself is very uplifting, but something even more amazing is that if you listen having prepared questions that are important to you beforehand, you can receive answers to the questions you have. I highly recommend and invite you to check it out. Also, I hope you have a great day today!

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