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Third Sunday at the F(LISR)

Today was a wonderful Sunday at the F(LISR)! We had our first activity as an Elder’s Quorum for the semester and I felt grateful for everyone who participated and helped bring food to share. We had a mini potluck, and it was cool to meet the people in the ward! Afterwards, at night, a friend of mine named Sam brought some bread over to share with me! It was so nice and very needed because I had run out of groceries and that bread gave me sustenance for the next couple of days.

Taco 🌮 Pot Luck

Recently I learned some new words in German that reminded me of the Savior and who we can become through Him. In German the word for humble is demütig and the word for brave is mutig. I like to think there is a connection between the two because it takes faith and bravery to trust in the words of Christ and strive to be humble to His will. Another word in German that I learned recently is the word for heavy, schwer, which also happens to mean difficult. When I learned this I was reminded of the Savior’s invitation to come to Him when we are heavy laden, or in other words when we are working through difficulties. We can turn to our Savior and He will help us!

Another experience I had recently was being comforted by the words of Christ in the scriptures. I had talked to some friends who were yearning to strengthen their faith, but they had questions that they didn’t have all the answers to and that was causing them some grief. I then started to think about my faith in Jesus Christ and what I could do to strengthen it so that I could be strong to help my friends. While I was feeling a little confused on what to do and what to think, I opened up to chapter 6 of Moroni in the Book of Mormon. The verses described how followers of Christ stayed strong during that time and I really liked the verse that said, “[they relied] alone upon the merits of Christ, who was the author and the finisher of their faith.” We too can rely on the Savior and as we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us! I hope you have a wonderful day today!

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