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Adventures as a Junior – Days 8-14 (The Light of Christ)

My second week of school started off with celebrating a friend’s birthday! It was a surprise birthday which made it more exciting, and I had fun coordinating with other friends to make the party special. The party was amazing thanks to everyone’s combined efforts, and I felt like everyone who helped had a good time. There is joy that comes from serving with others and as we serve others, we can come to know our Savior better.

Another blessing from the week happened at the dentist. I received a free lunch as a reward for not having cavities. I also was blessed to remember my experiences in Germany when I saw some students playing the game Viking, which I had first been introduced to in Germany.

The game of Viking

Saturday was also a day full of blessings! I had the opportunity to go to the temple with a group of friends who all served their missions in Texas in my hometown. It was pretty awesome, and in large part I had the opportunity to come because Sister Vanek coordinated the activity. I feel grateful for the friendships I have with these good sisters, and it was good to be reminded of all the good one person’s influence can have. Each of us has the potential for good and we can all bless the lives of the people around us!

Everyone who came!
Gonzales group!

Saturday night I needed to go grocery shopping to buy some things for an activity the next day, but I was a bit prideful and didn’t want to ask for a ride to the store. Nevertheless, the Lord was merciful towards me and helped me to get to the store safely by bus and He even blessed me to run into a friend from the mission to ride back with on the bus. I had run into Samuel earlier in the week at school and it was great to run into him again at Walmart and be able to catch up with him. The Lord is constantly watching over us and as we turn to Him, He will help us in all things that we stand in need of.

Samuel and I

During this past weekend as I watched General Conference, I felt like there was a reemphasis on making an effort to get to know the Savior. The apostle Paul was described in Romans as a servant of Jesus and separated unto the gospel of God. Each of us has the light of Christ within us that invites and inspires us to do good. I know one of the ways we can get to know the Savior is by serving Him and these next few months I hope to learn about more ways I can get to know our Savior better. I hope you have a wonderful day today!

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