Drops of oil

Become a little better one drop at a time…

Lentil Soup

Today was a wonderful Sunday! I had the opportunity to talk to friends and family and learn about Jesus Christ. Our Savior has the power to help us overcome death and be united with the people we love and care about. He invites us to lift and serve one another so we can experience joy and become more like him. My opportunity to unite some friends came in the form of food today. Isn’t it amazing how a good meal can bring people together? Whether it be cooking or giving witty anecdotes about what people say about mozzarella, each of us has talents that we can share that can unite and raise the spirits of the people around us. One of my friends from South Africa shared some words at church about how we can grow closer to God as we learn from our ancestors and the stories they have to share. Another friend, who is a New Yorker at heart, raised my spirits by taking the time to come make pizza with me. Our presence alone is enough to brighten someone’s day! Another friend gave me a call to catch up, and another friend stopped by my office at work to say hello. It is a miracle and a blessing that our Heavenly Parents give us the opportunity to serve them and bless the lives of the people around us! I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

Lentil Soup
Pizza Making Party

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