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Insights about Our Relationship with God from my Thermodynamics Professor

This past week I took my final exam in my thermodynamics class and I felt relieved once it was over. The days leading up to the exam however, I had some cool experiences as I was trying to prepare. My professor had sent us an email explaining that he would be available in his office to help answer questions that we had about concepts from the class. When I saw the email, I thought to myself, well I will just go to his office and study inside with him. That way, I thought, I could ask him questions as they came up. When I got to his office, the door said do not disturb. I felt a little bummed, but I decided I would try again later.

However, before I got far, my professor’s assistant asked me if I was trying to speak to my professor. I replied that I was and explained that his door said do not disturb. She then told me to not worry about the sign, that she knew him well, and that he always had time for his students. I was gladdened by her words! Sure enough, my professor greeted me warmly and asked if I had any questions. When I replied no and that instead, I had wanted to sit and study in his office, he told me that he would prefer that I come back with specific questions and that he would be glad to help me with them. At first, I felt a bit bummed again, but then I sat in the lounge by his office and started to study.

Studying the concepts and working for understanding on my own helped me identify what I did not understand in the class yet. I was able to find questions I did not know I had because there was quite a bit of things I did not yet understand. Another cool thing that happened was that as I sat in the lounge, my professor would come out of his office periodically and check what I was studying and ask me if I had any questions. His periodic visits helped keep me focused on looking for questions I could ask him and also helped keep me engaged in my studies. I am grateful he made himself available to help me!

Our Heavenly Father works with us in a similar fashion, and often times we will not get answers from Him until we ask a specific question. Coming up with quality questions takes effort. At times we may think our Heavenly Father is too busy to worry about the everyday challenges or questions we have, but as prophets have testified, He always has time for His children. Our Heavenly Father is also always mindful of us and will remind us of our need to ask Him questions so that we can be guided by Him back to His presence. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to prepare the path back to Him, and He sends Prophets and His Holy Ghost to remind us of the way and testify of the truth of the way. Our Heavenly Father is very merciful, and as we turn to His Son, Jesus Christ, we will learn all we need to pass the test of this life and return to live with Him again!

Photo by Lerkrat Tangsri on Pexels.com

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