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Blessings while Traveling to Idaho

This weekend I set off on a new adventure to visit my family in Idaho and Texas. During my preparation, I had a lot of help from friends to get my things ready and get to where I needed on time! I also met some cool people on the ride to Idaho that I could talk to and a man next to me was kind enough to let me borrow his charger to charge my phone. The Lord is always watching over us and just like He helped me get to where I needed safely and put kind people in my path during my trip, He helps all of His children as they navigate this life and learn to prepare to live with Him again. This morning I read a little in the Book of Helaman in the Book of Mormon and I was comforted by the Lord’s words to Helaman when Helaman was feeling down. Helaman was living in a rough neighborhood and he wanted to help his neighbors to learn about Jesus Christ. The neighbors did not want to listen, so Helaman kept trying to be a good example and prayed for his neighbors, and the Lord blessed Him for his faithfulness! When we are feeling down we can also turn to the Lord and He will strengthen us and bless us as we keep striving to keep His commandments!

Photo by Steve Pancrate on Pexels.com

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