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Samuel the Lamanite and the Good Samaritan

This morning I had the opportunity to read a little about Samuel the Lamanite, and I was impressed and touched by his willingness to support the rejection and danger that came from the Nephites to deliver the Lord’s message to them. He is like the Good Samaritan in that culturally he was seen as an outsider to the Nephites just like the Samaritans were seen as outsiders to the Jews, and he also performed a great act of service that was life-saving. Samuel received a revelation to know when Jesus Christ would be born and he testified of the Savior’s birth and plan of redemption to everyone who would hear among the Nephites. Some of the Nephites believed and those who believed were later blessed to be witnesses of the signs of the Savior’s birth. Just like the Good Samaritan and Samuel, we can reach out to those who are wounded or exhausted and comfort them and we can testify of the Living Christ and the redeeming power that is in Him. Through Christ, our weaknesses can become strengths and we can have hope to become a little better each day!

Photo by David Kopacz on Pexels.com

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