Drops of oil

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We have a prophet today!

Today I was blessed to visit one of my cousins and her family to join her for dinner with the Sister Missionaries that are are serving in the area. We had a nice meal together and enjoyed jokes and stories together. After the meal, the Sisters shared about how the Lord has called prophets and apostles again to guide us and help us as we draw nearer to Christ! I am grateful that we have living prophets and apostles today, and I appreciate the foresight they receive to help us prepare for the difficulties ahead of us. We can exercise faith in Jesus Christ as we follow the council of his prophets and apostles! This week I will work on applying one of the most recent principles shared by President Nelson, and I invite you to do so also to see how the Lord will bless your life and help you come closer to Him!

You can find those principles in this speech!


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