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Steps of Faith

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great week so far. These past few days have been a little hectic, and I have enjoyed visiting with friends and family. This past week I have been reflecting on a challenge the Sister Missionaries serving in my hometown gave my cousin’s family and me. They challenged us to read the points shared in President Nelson’s speech titled The Power of Spiritual Momentum and choose one of the points to apply to our lives. I chose the first point to work on that is getting on the covenant path. Sister Nelson recently shared a question that we can ask ourselves to help ourselves to get on and stay on the covenant path. It is an amazing question that can help everyone and is life changing. It has changed my life only after a few days of asking myself it and following what the Holy Ghost tells me to do afterwards! If you want to know what that question is, listen to her words for yourself. So, I have been doing what she invited those watching to do, and I have felt closer to my Heavenly Father and more at peace. I have found more time to connect with my Heavenly Father in prayer and my conversations with Him have become more sincere. I have been able to notice His hand in my life like when I was able to visit with one of my past professors and friend during lunch or having time to laugh with my mom while cleaning hotel rooms at 1:00 AM, or today having the opportunity to read the scriptures with my family again after a long time of not having done so with them. Our lives are packed with things to do, but with the Lord’s help we can accomplish what is essential and experience joy each day! Sometimes we need to slow down to be able to remember the Lord (shared by my friend Sister Stimpson). We may not see the blessings of keeping God’s commandments at first or all at once like it was when Moses opened the Red Sea, but if we strive to keep God’s commandments and repent, the way back to our Heavenly Father will open up to us and we will be filled with His Liebe (love) and Frieden (peace)!

Cleaning hotel rooms with my Mom – Shout out to my Cousin Kimberly

I also enjoyed discovering the connection between these two scriptures in the Bible and the Book of Mormon:



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