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Nineth Sunday on the Mosel

This Sunday was amazing because although we had people who spoke many different languages (Persian, Arabic, Spanish, English, and German), the Lord provided the means for everyone to learn a little about Christ in their own language.

Let me back up a little to the part where I got to church … The journey to church was a little funny. While I was at the bus stop in Koblenz, there was a little old lady who was trying to run to catch a bus that was pulling out that she thought she was going to miss. I saw her and decided to run ahead to get the driver’s attention for her. My body reacted by itself, my feet quickly made a forty five degree adjustment to the right and propelled my knees and shoulders in that direction. Unfortunately for me, someone had put two metal poles in the path of my acceleration towards the bus. I pushed on the metal poles with my left shoulder and my right knee and the poles pushed back to match my force. The poles were much stronger than I was, so I was knocked to the floor by the poles and ended up with a banged up knee and a bruised shoulder! The lady was able to catch her bus though because the bus was actually just making a u-turn and came back around to pick her up.

My knee!

I didn’t see my friend Isaiah, but I did run into an honest stranger who decided to come to church and the Elders and their friend Abod and his friend and Arvin! It was a party and we all arrived to church together. Another friend of the Elders’ named Mohammed also came. Abod speaks Arabic and German while his friend mainly speaks Arabic. Mohamad speaks many languages from Asia one of them being Persian. Arvin speaks English, Persian, and a little German. During Sacrament meeting, Marvin was translating the meeting from German to English. Arvin listened in English and translated into Persian for Mohammed. I listened in English and translated into Spanish for Karla’s parents. Lastly, Abod translated from German into Arabic for his friend! It was a miracle that the Lord gave us all the capacity to help one another be nurtured by the good word of God! During second hour there was even a family who spoke portuguese (The Rincons)! The Lord loves all of His children and in every language he finds ways to reach out to them so He can heal them!

Arvin, I, Abod, and Abod‘s friend!
We enjoyed some of these tasty cookies Sister Kraut shared with me!

I made it back home safely and enjoyed connecting with others during the evening! It was a lovely Sunday and I even got to hear some bagpipes before the night was over!

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