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Adventures in Germany – Days 64 & 65 (A Wasp Situation)

These two days were exciting here in Klotten, and I was kept safe in some tricky situations. On Monday I had the opportunity to virtually connect with the Elders and my friends from Brasil! We shared a little about the Lord’s Plan of Salvation with them and how the Lord wants to bless our families! It is cool how technology makes it possible to connect with others over large distances. The rest of the day was pretty calm.

I ate the blackberries I picked with pineapples!

On Tuesday, we had some new guests arrive and when they came, I noticed that a bird had fallen onto the part of the roof that you can touch from the window in the kitchen of the third floor. Unfortunately the bird had died and the wasps were eating it! Because this episode of NatGeo Wild was a bit unsettling, the new guests asked me to get rid of it. I prayed and analyzed the situation for a while before coming to the conclusion that the kitchen window was the best access point. I had to get creative and make my own wasp spray by filling a bucket with hot water and mixing a little of all the cleaning supplies to create a super cleaning agent. With this semi-dangerous liquid, I threw it at the wasps around the bird three times and then with two brooms duck taped together, I pulled the bird close enough to me to bag it and get it away! One miracle was that the wasps did not bite anyone! I didn’t get any pictures because the scene was very sad. The rest of the day was pretty calm, and I waited in excitement as Jackson made his way to Klotten!

I’ve been inspired to look for tractors by my friend Linmei!

In my scripture study recently I have been impressed by Job’s story of faith and how many different trials he faced, nevertheless, his trust in the Lord helped him to overcome everything and become a son the Lord was proud of! Reading about his experiences reminded me that I can be tried by many challenges in this life, but no matter the disappointments or trials, if I turn to the Lord, I will make it through and be victorious!

I love the insights these two share about the scriptures!

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