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Eleventh Sunday on the Mosel

This Sunday was amazing!

Yep, that’s a sheep 🐑 in the background!

The morning started off well with a safe journey to church. I found the Elders on the bus and I was glad to see Arvin once we arrived. I was blessed to help translate the meeting into Spanish for Karla’s parents and we enjoyed learning about the importance of seeking to recognize the voice of the Holy Ghost. One sister shared that what helps her remember to work on understanding how the Holy Ghost speaks to her is she asks herself, “When was the last time that I felt I was being guided by the Holy Ghost.” She then said if it takes her to long to think of an experience, she makes an effort to connect with Heaven and seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

Giovanna and Jorge and I

After church I was blessed to be invited by Jorge and Giovanna to visit them and have some lunch with them. I got to meet their son Thedius which was also cool, and we had a great time laughing, eating, and sharing stories!

Thedius and I
Mediterranean Salad 🥗
Stuffed bell peppers and potatoes!
The countryside by their house!

On the way back home I was protected from a man who was acting a bit strange on the train, and one of the train attendants was also looking out for me and helped me get off at the right stop.

My two new friends!

Then on my last train back, I was blessed to meet a wonderful mother and daughter from Syria! They were looking for a place to sit and almost went past me, but I invited them to sit with me and helped them to get their luggage situated. Since the train had arrived early, we were sitting together for a while, and I offered them some cookies I had bought at an Arabian market. They smiled, and instead gave me some cookies that they had brought. They were banana flavored! We then got to chatting and it was a lovely interaction. I am grateful for miracles like this one to meet other beloved children of our Heavenly Father. The mom was named Nermin and the daughter was named Zumord. Zumord was super cute, she even shared some gummy cokes with me and gave me a cool blue pen! I gave her 25 cents from the USA and Brasil!

I also saw a bunch of cats today!

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