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Second Sunday at the F(LISR)

My friend Sterling’s dog River!

This Sunday was a great one because I was able to connect with many great friends. Our ward volunteers to help at a Food and Care Coalition every first Sunday of the month, and I had the opportunity to participate for the very first time. It was especially nice because my friend Angelica came as well, and we had a fun time preparing the tables for the guests and serving them food! Later that evening, I had the opportunity to visit my friend Sterling who invited me over to his house to enjoy a meal with his family! They were very kind and welcoming and we had fun talking with one another! Afterwards Sterling took me to see a cool view from one of the canyons in Provo and it was amazing to see the city from that view. It made me think of all the Lord has created and how it must have been when He organized the mountains and the sky! The Lord has all power to fulfill all of His promises in our lives if we will strive to hear and obey His voice! I feel grateful for the kind friends I have and for the knowledge that we have a Savior who loves us and walks beside us each day!

Sterling and I

Jumping to today, I have enjoyed hearing the inspired words of Prophets of God during General Conference! There is one more session here in about a half hour, and you can also rewatch all of the past sessions online. I invite you to hear the inspiring words that were and will be shared. They have brought me a lot of peace and hope! Have a wonderful Sunday!

This is the link for today’s sessions.
These were the sessions from yesterday!

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